Like a Koi in a frozen pond, Like a Goldfish in a bowl.

As a new year turns and an old one reflects upon, you often times wonder what woulda, coulda, shoulda. As I look back upon my 42 years of aimlessly wandering this inhabitants atmosphere we call earth, I start to reflect upon the projects I’ve worked on, started, and/or completed. The productions have slowed down, the playing of shows have become strategic, and the desire and fire to start playing and touring again begins to burn yet again. When I reflect upon the things I’ve done, places I’ve played, and the people I’ve met; it begins to yearn once again to hit the road. The kids have grown up a bit more and gotten older and more self sufficient. The daily tasks still remain, the ringing in my ears is still there. Constantly reminding me of the years past and all the things that are yet to come. This past year I was blindsided by an article that i read, where the highest grossing YouTuber was a 7 year old kid. His income last year exceeded mine 10 times over at $22 million dollars. That just grinds my gears. So here we go. My turn. I’m going to try my hand in this little side hustle. I’m going to find my way to create some videos. Some funny, some serious, some heartfelt, and some will make you go “huh”. I got the rare chance to catch up with a good friend of mine on New Years Eve. One of the most coveted nights where we both did not have a gig or something else going on. We were able to catch up for a good hour or so, catching up on life, music, and everything in between. They begin preparations for the next 30 weeks of the Mellencamp tour, I start my own preps to launch my own set of videos for YouTube. At the same time of keeping my eyes, ears, and fingers open to opportunities that may arise. If the chance comes up to go back out with a band or two, then lets pack the bags. But until then, I’ll fire up the camera and try to make some extra money the new fashioned way. By gaining clicks and views. R.E.M Imitation of Life