Hanging with the guys from Everclear, Summerland Tour 2016

Our Approach

What What....

As a musician who's both been on the road performing for hundreds of thousands of people and that guy who comes up with silly songs for his kids, I've shared countless stories with those around me of my life on the road and off. This is my way and chance to share some of them with others, so that everyone can experience what's it's like to be a day in the life.

Our Story

Meet the Team

Here's people who make things happen.
Why? Because people want to know who they're internet stalking. It's a human thing.


Mark Patterson

President and Head Honcho

An old washed up musician with a story to tell to anyone who'll listen. Daddy to 3 kids and 14 guitars, Mark gave up the life on the road playing to thousands to stepping on Lego's and singing songs about bodily functions. He's gone from playing the shows to producing and promoting them, spending time with family and friends. He wouldn't want it any other way!