As we’re left behind, to watch this life pass by

It took a passing conversation to think about my 40 years of walking on this earth. Well…at least 38 of them because the first few years I was carried around and/or crawling. But it made me think. It caused me to reflect back on stories I’ve gotten to live, that others wish they could do. Of places I’ve been and seen, that others dream of. Of people that I’ve met and have grown relationships with, that others envy. In over 20 years of performing and playing, I’ve grown accustom to this as being normal, while others view it as extraordinary. To many it’s a cool lifestyle, to those who live it, it’s just another day of work. It was hard work, but it was also fun. The people we met, the places we visited were priceless and experiences that came along with it. As 2016 came to a close, there has been a number lost, some gained, and much to remember and reflect. It’s been a few months since I last had a chance to post up. Life kinda got in the way. A number of show productions-some failed, rehearsals, auditions, recitals, Christmas Programs, holidays, birthdays, and you name it, it was there in the way. A coworker had asked about my music career and I started looking for some previous pressed CD’s of bands and music, and it dawned on me, just how much music has transitioned. From the old 8 tracks my parents had, to cassettes that I grew up with, to the minidisc player and CD player I got in middle school, to now the downloads of a single song my kids end up with. It has occurred to me that we’ve become this instant society of immediate downloads and next day/same day deliveries. We don’t even have to leave the house for milk anymore. But in any shape or form, the music will always play on. I was once asked if I felt unsuccessful because the album never went gold or platinum. Nope, not the least but. My success as an artist and musician didn’t lie within the number of albums sold, but by how many people it influenced. To be on stage and have people singing back to you is the utmost ultimate high. To help them escape reality for 2 hours, and forget about the world around outside that arena. To forget about their day, the fight they just had, or the bill coming due, and to just escape into a world where nothing else mattered, except for a song. There’s always the feelings about being able to pay the bills doing what you love. Sometimes it works out, most the time not. Soooo, you end up in a corporate day job, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Now if the right opportunity came back my way, well…much love to my coworkers, but the stage calls. But for now, its off to search for that damn CD, and to get ready to sell more $hit to make the light bill. Another Years Past