Past, Present, and what future…

It been a while since the last one, so trying to pick this back up!


Ok, so I recently had an opportunity to go to Austin, TX for a work trip. I haven’t been to Austin for about 15 years or so, so a lot has changed in that amount of time. The one constant that is still the norm is the amount of music that is within the heart of the city. I lucked out and wandered upon a concert that was in town across from my hotel. While I was walking back to my hotel from the main strip of town, I passed by this little BBQ joint, lined with tour busses and scalpers. One approached me as I passed, and I gently declined. Another approached, once again I declined with “Not unless you have a sticky”. Just so happens someone comes walking by and says “You not the average if you come up with that remark”, and proceeds to hand me an orange wristband with “Not a sticky, but it’ll get you in”. To which I then ask who was playing. The answer from the “tour manager” was…”Oh, Norah Jones”. Soooo, to my surprise at an evening where I planned on just wandering downtown Austin for a bit, having a drink with a coworker, and heading back to the hotel and sleep was interrupted by a few hours of taking in a show. Which brings me back around full circle to my original thoughts. In a town with so much amazing music, I’m reminded of those that are still trying to succeed, those that did and were, and those that are. I was one of those been there, done that’s. I saw a picture once that said “Being a musician, You don’t have much of a future, but you’ve had a hell of a past!” Which is true. It was not something to be able to sustain a family with, but I there are stories to fill a room with. While at times I wish I could go back out on the road, and sustain a paycheck that would be conducive to all the things that need done, it’s few and far between. If the opportunity came up, would I? Maybe if it was the right price for and the right group of people. There’s a few bands and people that I would love to work with, but selective. While I enjoy the work I do now, and love the people I work with, my heart and passion will always be music, however the bills require 9 to 5. I get asked a lot, do you miss being in music…Absolutely. And I also get the…and why are you doing this…..Insurance and stability. So my trip to Austin was a humbling one with getting blasted with such amazing artists, and musicians looking for that one big break; I was reminded I was one of those in the right place at the right time. And while there may not have been much of a future….I’ve had a hell of a past and some stories to Boot. No pun intended from the great state of TX…I shall see you again soon ACL.

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